Our Vision

We help grow people
(in difficult places).


Greenhouses help plants thrive in impossible situations. Similarly, we seek to incubate long-term transformation of individuals, families, and communities in difficult areas. How do we do that? By living where we work, loving our neighbors, and supporting urban renewal.

How did this project begin?

With one man.

John Clifford first came to Chester, PA, from prison to recover. After a drug addiction, Chester became his home while he was experiencing homelessness. A local program called City Team accepted him into their recovery program, and while volunteering he learned to help meet the immediate and physical needs of those around him through: food, shelter, clothing, and other generous donations.

However, after a decade of work, he realized  an integral piece was missing — lasting transformation.

He saw the same people coming in for aid or assistance time and time again. Ten years later, there were the same needs, and no sustainable solutions for lasting change.

So we bought a house.

Why? Because real transformation only happens in a community in which lives are shared. This is what happened to John. He was given a second chance when people saw value in him while he had nothing to offer. Through training and loving neighbors, John was challenged to give back and help the “next person”. Many development programs meet urgent needs and people in crisis, but Greenhouse Project is focused on relationships through immersion to create a lasting impact. We live with, assess, and navigate solutions to a plethora of challenges with marginalized people so that we, as mentors, can nurture them long-term into life-giving persons and sustainable families. Without this holistic approach that assesses and provides growth in a variety of areas — health, careers, educational needs, etc. — while being involved in community, we won’t see future generations step out of a poverty cycle.

This kind of impact is what changes a city. A generation. A nation.

Join us.

John Clifford.png

John Clifford
President, Greenhouse Project

Growth begins with one touch, one commitment, or one move. Join our initiative today!

Growth begins with one touch, one commitment, or one move. Join our initiative today!


Who We Are


We seek to cultivate long-term transformation in urban communities.  As a result, we help people grow in difficult places.


Just as a greenhouse helps plants thrive in impossible situations, our mission is to support and cultivate lifelong advocates, teachers, and leaders that will transform local families and communities. We believe when we love people and the local community,  individuals & families are transformed, cultures are reconciled, and neighborhoods are forever changed. We do this by living where we work, loving our neighbors, empowering youth, forging education, and supporting economic and sustainable renewal through a holistic approach with our clients.

Core Values

1. Holistic Approach: We assess the holistic needs of our clients and take action.

2. Justice: We raise awareness and take action to improve the lives of Chester residents.

3. Education: We see educational growth as a tool to life-long transformation and progress.

4. Diversity: We are committed to healing dividing lines and appreciating diversity.

5. Neighborhoods: We make long-term commitments to areas, such as Chester, for sustainable renewal.

6. Solidarity: We share in the joys and struggles of others.

7. Partnerships: We grow by partnering with local businesses, non-profits, and government leaders.

8. Service: We use our gifts to lift up others and lead through service projects.

9. Community: We develop authentic relationships and create a positive atmosphere of hope.

10. Wellness: We pursue wellness in body, mind, and spirit and provide education on these topics.