Project EDUCATE.


After school tutors
Education is the key that unlocks an area’s potential. With a quality education, the children of Chester, PA will be able to pursue their dreams, support their families, and hopefully start businesses in their hometown that will employ their friends and neighbors.


At Greenhouse Project, we understand that education is a key tool to unlock the door to a child’s future success.

Education is forged not only in schools but at home, in the evenings, and on weekends.  Our goal is to partner with the best teachers, tutors, and mentors to help cultivate and inspire in children and their parents the desire to become self-led and life-long learners.

If you are a teacher, tutor, or would like to volunteer with us to help students master reading, math, and other basic skills during their after school program, we’d love to hear from you!

We are also currently in discussions with Innovate Academy to plant a classical school in the city of Chester within the next five years.

Chester schools rank close to dead last in Pennsylvania, and the challenge we are facing is an undereducated and under supported community. Our passion is to work with and get into all the local public and private schools in the area to help support their students, as well as launch successful new private or charter schools in future years.

We are very aware of the burden on teachers and administrators that exists today to teach classrooms of more than twenty children, many with IEPs and special needs. We are also aware of the many demands on these children, specifically regarding processing and coping with trauma. We want to see children thrive, and the more volunteers we can raise up from reading specialists to guidance counselors the better.

We hope you’ll join us!