Project MENTOR.


According to a study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the U.S. has 25.8% of children being raised by a single parent compared with an average of 14.9% across the other 27 countries in the study.

Other reports suggest that in the suburbs 71% of children live with two married parents. This statistic is slightly higher than in urban areas where 66% of children live with two married parents (Pew Research Analysis 2012-2016).

For children raised in single-parent homes, poverty hits about 42% of them compared to children raised in married homes where poverty hits about 8% of them.

Because of these glaring numbers, at Greenhouse Project we realize that the basic family unit that is meant to support inner city youth is a far cry from where it should be.

At times, parents are even the cause of trauma and a barrier to their development, which is why more than 6,000 children are currently placed in the foster care system in Pennsylvania today.

All these statistics and more point to the fact that these children — and adults — need mentors outside of their own family unit.

So what is a mentor?

A mentor is an an experienced and trusted adviser. If you look back in your own life, you may think of a few people who fit this description. It probably was someone you could trust and who was involved in your life on a regular basis — probably showing up at your birthdays, ball games, and other special occasions. You probably knew this person for years.

At the Greenhouse Project, we expect the same. We want mentors that are committed to seeing life change. Will you become the mentor you always wanted?


Love wins. Many inner city children and adolescents do not have a healthy family unit or the support structure to nourish them into self-sustaining adults. That’s why they need you!