Project Relocate is not for the faint of heart. To those who are moved to make the long-term commitment to serve this community for 10+ years, you found the right place. As a Greenhouse Project Team Member, you will be the host family and mentors for a Project Disciple member. The goal is to guide their spiritual and physical journey for nine months.


  • 10+ year commitment

  • Agreement with Greenhouse Project philosophy,  mission, and culture

  • Clear calling from God

  • Pastoral & leadership gifting

  • Completion of application and background check 


  • Greenhouse Project covers major housing and utility costs such as rent, electricity, water, gas, and maintenance costs.  This significantly lowers the cost of living.

  • Greenhouse Project provides the program structure, trainings, and support for Project Disciple students to live in their homes.

How does it work?

Greenhouse Project has great guidelines for how a home is created. Basically, the host family (Project Relocate Members) are responsible for the household’s physical and spiritual direction, just like raising a family.  You will host community dinners, lead Discovery studies, mentor the Project Disciple members, etc.

 What does this cost?

  • The cost varies. Team members will be responsible for raising/providing the cost of living.

  • You have to cover: food, personal car insurance, personal supplies, clothes, spending, and other cost related to living

  • We help guide each team member to help them raise support.  


This is a serious calling so feel free to contact us with questions!


Moving In
Good fences don’t make good neighbors. Help us bridge the gap and influence others by moving into Chester!