Project RENEW.


To “renew” means to “restart after an interruption” or to “reestablish”.  If we look back over the history of Chester, PA, we can agree that an interruption has occurred and the need to re-establish the city is pressing.

But there’s still more to be done.

That’s why we started Project RENEW. We believe that our neighborhoods can be transformed with renewed spaces. We know that the overall health of Chester is both external and internal, and we plan to tackle it’s reconstruction in two ways.

We like urban gardens.

Urban gardens have been shown to provide an extensive amount of health benefits for the communities that they serve including a reduced rate of depression, as well as being an excellent training tool for entrepreneurial skills.  We enhance landscapes by planting gardens that are a thriving, safe area for residences to play, learn, conduct business, and connect with each other.

We enjoy wellness classes.

The old verbiage is true: “you are what you eat”. Our communities and families are facing hosts of challenges with health, which is why we want to encourage people to cook again. We do this by partnering with local farmers, nutritionists, and chefs who meet regularly to walk side-by-side families to develop lifestyle changes.  We love the idea of sitting around tables eating fresh, safe, and tasty yet incredibly healthy foods.

Health challenges cause numerous issues in our families, communities, and businesses. Let's partner together to start a new revolution of health changes in our own homes and communities. To learn more about how you can partner with us to plant and maintain urban gardens or host nutritional and cooking courses throughout Chester, PA, please contact us today!


Living Green
A true mark of a healthy city is in its value of green spaces. Help us create green spaces and increase environmental awareness within the city of Chester!