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So we bought a house.

42 East 23rd Street is a home we have purchased that is currently undergoing renovations. Our goal is to have it up and running in the fall of 2019 so we can open our doors to the people of Chester.

Currently, we have gathered a team of architects, construction workers, painters, electricians, etc. who are working on this project during the summer months. Our goal is to have an opening ceremony this coming fall.

This house is special.

When our 42 East 23rd Street home opens, the Clifford family plans to move in immediately, living with and working within the city of Chester. The plan is for more houses, families, and businesses to follow.

Why Chester?

The statistics regarding the city of Chester are grim. To read in depth about the drop out rate of high schoolers, the average income of family units, the average crime rate per square mile, and the dietary choices of its citizens, among other statistics, please read our Why Chester? section on this website as well as and our blog posts. We like to actively update our readers with any new info. or ways in which we are helping to alleviate some of the city’s most pressing issues.

Project RENOVATE will get us there.

It isn’t just a home we are re-building. It’s about us re-building the city of Chester one relationship at a time. Every contractor, painter, photographer, and volunteer that walks through our doors will have the opportunity to eat lunch outside, chat with locals, and swap stories about their lives.

This organic relationship building interaction is exactly why Greenhouse Project exists. We want to help people on both sides of the train tracks. On the one side, we need to expose the realities and horrific events that are happening only 10 miles away from some of the most affluent areas in Pennsylvania. We recognize that tragedy happens to everyone, but the magnitude that keeps these people in systemic poverty is worse overall. On the other hand, we realize that what Chester residents need is hope — not handouts. Hope that they can graduate, get that job, have a family, eat healthy, and grow in maturity — and the respect from outsiders that they deserve in order to get them to the finish line.

We believe that lasting change occurs when we can put our humanity on and our judgements off and just sit next to each other at a meal and partake as peers. And that is why we are looking forward to hosting weekly community dinners at 42 East 23rd Street to do just that — meet with and love our neighbors into sustainable lifestyles of wellness.


42 East 23rd Street is a home we have purchased that is currently undergoing renovation.