Volunteer Application

Launching anything new can be very exciting but also very challenging.  I've realized over the last 10 years of ministry that raising up leaders that are passionate and empowered to change the status quo is pivotal to success. No one fights a battle alone, and Greenhouse Project in no exception.  We need your help.

With Greenhouse Project becoming a reality, we need passionate people to join us as we start building our volunteer base team.  If you have graphic design skills, communications, marketing, fundraising, bookkeeping, or organizational skills, please contact us at info@ghproject.org to get plugged in!  

Greenhouse Project Volunteer Guidelines

Welcome! Since the Greenhouse Project cannot run without volunteers, you are appreciated! To help things run smoothly and consistently, please read the following Guidelines & Important Information and fill out the application below.

1. Have good boundaries. Do not give out ANY personal information such as your phone number, address, email address, etc.

2. Never give any guest or client gifts or money

3. Avoid bodily contact. Touching can be misunderstood; many of our clients have been victims of physical abuse.

4. No need to dress up, but please be cognizant of how you look and act.

5. Portray a positive attitude at all times through your actions, words, and posture.

6. Honor and respect all persons (treat others as you wish to be treated).

7. One-on-one conversations between males and females are strongly discouraged as they can be misinterpreted. Please do so in groups of two or more.

8. It is against our policy for guests to be filmed or photographed without written consent through an official Greenhouse Project photo release form. This policy is intended to protect the privacy, dignity, and the legal rights of those we serve.

9. All volunteers must bring a valid copy of their photo I.D. and be willing to do a back round check.

10. All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by a legal parent or guardian.

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I have read and understand these guidelines and expectations. I acknowledge the necessity to abide by what is written above for the safety of Greenhouse Project volunteers, clients, and staff. I understand that if these guidelines or any other guidelines that my supervisor sets are broken, I may be asked to leave Greenhouse Project and not permitted to continue volunteering with this organization. *
I, the Volunteer, release and hold harmless the Organization and its successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from my volunteer work with the Organization. I understand that this Waiver discharges the Organization from any liability or claim that I, the Volunteer, may have against the Organization with respect to bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result from my participation on the Organization’s work site. I also fully understand that the Organization does not assume any responsibility for or obligation to provide financial assistance or other assistance, including but not limited to medical, health, or disability insurance, in the event of injury, illness, death, or property damage. I, the Volunteer, understand that I expressly waive any such claim for compensation or liability on the part of the Organization beyond what may be offered freely by the representative of the Organization in the event of such injury or medical expense. I hereby release the Organization from any claim whatsoever, which arises or may arise in the future, on account of any first aid treatment or other medical services that are conducted in connection with an emergency during my time with the Organization. I understand that my time with the Organization may include various activities that may be hazardous to me, and I hereby expressly and specifically assume the risk of injury or harm in these activities and release the Organization from all liability for injury, illness, death, or property damage resulting from the activities of my time with the Organization. I grant unto the Organization all right, title, and interest in any and all photographic images and video or audio recordings that are made by the Organization during my work with the Organization, including, but not limited to, any royalties, proceeds, or other benefits that are derived from such photographs or recordings. I expressly agree that this Waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the state in which the volunteer is volunteering in the United States of America, and that this Waiver shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state in which the volunteer is volunteering. I agree that in the event that any clause or provision of this Waiver shall be held to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining provisions of this Release, which shall continue to be enforceable. For volunteers under the age of 18, the volunteer's parent/guardian must agree to this waiver on his or her behalf. *