Project RECOVER.

The word “recover” is defined as a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. We believe that not only is recovery possible but that a life in recovery has the purpose of sharing their life-changing message with those that are still suffering.

Greenhouse Project has a passion to see individual and families recovered and restored. We do this by loving the least of all people in our community. Through a holistic approach, we assist, coach, and lead people in recovery into freedom though one-on-one counseling, group meetings, and accountability groups. We see the twelve steps as a practical way to apply recovery principles — “seeking God to do what we cannot” (AA).  

Armed with over 10 years of drug and alcohol treatment experience, John and the Greenhouse Project team actively seek and share personal life transformation stories to inspire people to take the next step into freedom.  

Our team is equipped to also support families that have loved ones in addiction. Generally when someone is in an addiction lifestyle, everyone rallies around the addict; yet few people support those left behind. The addict usually hurts those who are closest to them; therefore, our team supports families through counseling , group meetings, and community events as well.

In 2018, Delaware County had 590 reported drug overdose deaths. This equates to 35 people per month losing their lives to drug addiction. In Pennsylvania alone, 91 people die everyday to opioid related deaths.  Our county, cities, and state are in a drug epidemic.

Our team has developed a strong network of support by partnering with local Chester recovery centers and recovery houses. By supporting Greenhouse Project, you are investing into long-term recovery in our communities.